Get your copy of fluxbox.

The current version of Fluxbox is 1.3.7. Read the NEWS-file to get an overview of the improvements.


The source tarballs for the latest release can be found here:

The source tarballs of all releases can be found on the fluxbox-project-page on


Many distributions have included Fluxbox in their package-manager. Those Packages are maintained by their creators. To get more information about available binaries check the wiki-site that is dedicated to that issue.

It is a wiki, so if you are interested to support Fluxbox as a package-maintainer please feel free to add your name to that site.

In any case, please note that Fluxbox development team are not responsible for any package included in your distribution.


The latest Fluxbox development-version is available from our new git-repository. It sometimes might crash or perhaps does not work properly (the build is in a state of 'flux'), hence why it is called "development version" - it is usually stable, though, as any show stoppers are quickly found and rectified.

Instructions that explain how to use git and build Fluxbox from the sources are in our precious wiki


Styles are available on several sites on the Internet. The biggest style repositories are:


There's a nice little collection of material such as logos, icons, webbuttons etc. that can be used to enhance your fluxbox or spread the word. Browse the collection.